Who Works Out with Foov at the Ballpark?

by / Wednesday, 21 August 2013 / Published in Reasons to move

Several studies that have found a low level of physical activity among the general population but particularly among people with intellectual disabilities.

“I have watched individuals with intellectual disabilities struggle to even lift their arms above their heads,” explained Meg Finnegan, a fitness expert and trainer who has worked with people with disabilities for more than 15 years.

The challenge, which so many have failed to overcome, has been to motivate individuals with intellectual disabilities to work out.

The iPad has had remarkable effects on individuals with intellectual disabilities. A 60 Minutes episode documents the way the iPad, with its intuitive functions and usability, has helped people with Autism to better connect with those around them.

The challenge, which so many have failed to overcome, has been to motivate individuals with intellectual disabilities to work out.

“There’s something about using the iPad that draws the students in,” noted Stacie Carroll, a teacher at the Beverley School in Toronto, which is devoted to special needs children. “They’re engaged in a way that we don’t see with other toys or puzzles or teaching tools.”

Spurred by this promise and recognizing an invaluable opportunity, we (Sylvie and Meg the founders of Foov) developed a fun, interactive app that mimics a real-life story to get people moving and working out. The result is Foov, a new app which derives its name from a combination of the words fun, move and live. It truly embodies them all.

We set out to find a story or event that would broadly resonate and immediately appeal to the community for the first in a series of apps and the overwhelming favorite was “baseball’.  With Wrigley Field as the backdrop, the app draws the players in and prompts a series of movements or exercises that would be common place at the game. When interacting with FOOV at the Ballpark  participants don’t just passively watch the iPad, tap and swipe at it, they become an integral part of the story and move with the device through a complete workout. The app is also made to interact with others, encouraging greater connections and offering an easy and mutually beneficial opportunity to spend time together. The results so far have been very encouraging.

While Foov at the Ballpark is designed for adults with intellectual disabilities, we have successfully tested it with seniors and children in group settings, in homes and in gyms both inside and outside. Each time, we have seen remarkable results. We are excited to make Foov at the Ballpark available to everyone and help motivate people to move.



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  1. Angela Jutlah says :

    What an excellent combination of technology and practical physical exercise. Having worked with students with intellectual disabilities, I can visualize how Foov at the Ballpark would be a motivating and fun workout for both adults, children or adolescents with disabilities. Great job!

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