Don’t Ignore Hunger!

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Nutritionist Genevieve O’Gleman says (in French, but I’ll translate for you), “When you are hungry, don’t ignore it!” Your hunger will come back with a vengeance and you’ll likely be craving sweet or fattening treats.

When we go into a caloric deficit, our bodies think we are starving and crave fatty foods that will immediately satiate us. Our bodies also crave extra calories, any kind of calories, to store as fat for next time. Doesn’t it make sense that when we’re really hungry, our bodies scream for calorically-dense foods that celery just won’t satisfy?

So, to prevent sweet tooth cravings, make a plan. At 2 or 3 pm, take a break. Walk around, move your body. Drink a glass of water. And prepare a nutritious snack.


Hummus with pita bread and vegetablesHere are our top 10 favorites:

  1. Hummus + pitas

  2. Dried fruits + almonds or soy beans

  3. Hard boiled egg + crackers

  4. Yogurt with granola

  5. Melba toast + cheddar cheese + apple

  6. Veggies with yogurt dip

  7. Greek yogurt with honey and fruit

  8. Fruit salad with sesame sticks

  9. Dates + milk or soymilk

  10. Cherry tomatoes + fresh mozzarella


There is no need to run out and buy buttery popcorn, a gigantic pretzel or a bag of potato chips when you’re prepared with healthy options when that next snack attack occurs!


What is your favorite healthy snack?




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