What Am I Getting with Foov at the Ballpark?

by / Thursday, 19 December 2013 / Published in Keep Moving, News

When we had the idea of creating a fun, engaging exercise routine – one that would include the four elements of a FABS workout (flexibility, aerobics, balance and strength) – and, specifically, an activity that would captivate the attention of those with developmental disabilities, youth and older adults, we weren’t quite sure where to go with it. The iPad offers portability, movement tracking, image quality and other features that we wanted to utilize to create an engaging life like experience.

Active games for a Wii Fit cost $19.99 and up. Zumba Fitness for Wii, for example, is $39.99. Compared with the cost of a Wii or Xbox game or even an audio book, Foov at the Ballpark is a great deal. The interaction is unique, tested and highly specialized. The interface is not computer-generated, but actual photos of real-life experiences.

And, after downloading Foov at the Ballpark, you’re not left on your own. In fact, we want you to become part of the Foov family! Join us at foovfitness.com, where we offer step-by-step instructions, suggestions on how to move more. We’re constantly updating our website to highlight ways you can deepen your interaction with the app at different fitness levels or even in a group setting. Once you’ve had a chance to try Foov, we want to hear back from you. In fact, we encourage your feedback.

Our investment in a new technology to track your movement and our continued involvement in tailoring the experience to your needs are part of what makes the Foov experience much more than a one-dimensional app. Our vision is to ultimately employ people of all abilities including people with developmental disabilities to conceive, and test apps that will improve everyone’s quality of life through movement.


App StoreMost apps can exist for free because they’re designed to make money in other ways, typically by getting you to buy another product. That’s why you see so many ads in your free apps.

Foov was designed in a fun, interactive way to hold the attention of those who may have a difficult time focusing. We felt pop-up ads would interfere with that experience.



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