Using the iPad for Fitness and Coaching

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The iPad has unique features that made it perfect for using in a gym or classroom setting. Its gyroscope and accelerometer make fitness apps like Foov at the Ballpark possible. The iPad’s portability makes apps like ours that much more accessible – in an individual or a group setting. The Guided Access setting means that no one can close the app you’re working on. And a LifeProof case keeps it safe from accidents.


If you’re considering an iPad for your gym or classroom, we’ve put together a few lists of apps you might consider:


Foov at the Ballpark


Please visit the links above to see our suggestions for iPad apps to make your more efficient use of your time.




Special thanks to those who presented at the Illinois Coalition for Adaptive Physical Education, including the following people:

  • Jeff Mushkin, representing SPARK PE, countering childhood obesity since 1989, and School Specialty.
  • Adam York of Main West high School in Des Plaines.
  • David Ricca and Julie Bannack from Neuqua Valley High School





The iPad is an amazing tool that can be incorporated into your gym or classroom. Below are some of the great fitness apps available.

  • Foov at the Ballpark, free app – Foov’s experts in e-learning, technology, fitness and special needs care combined their knowledge and expertise to create a workout based in real life. “FOOV at the Ballpark” is a life script app that allows participants to get the full Wrigley Field experience using an iPad.
  • SevenMinutes, $0.99 – Get healthy and fit using the Seven Minute Workout. Join us in our garden for 12 exercises using high-intensity HIIT circuit fitness, scientifically proven way to get fit and trim, and to lose weight in just seven minutes a day.
  • Cardiio, free app – Cardiio helps you measure your heart rate, learn how the numbers relate to your health, perform effective workouts to get in shape and track your progress. It includes a seven minute workout and a calorie burn tracker.
  • Nike Training Club, free app – Welcome to the new and improved Nike+ Training Club – the training app for the world’s biggest female fitness community. Four-week programs are tailored to your goals and ability. Videos demonstrate exercises.
  • Beep Test Free, fee app – Beep test is a fitness activity used by coaches. Athletes run back and forth, usually 20 meters, crossing the lines without consecutive misses. When there are two consecutive misses, the athlete is done and scored based on that level.
  • PE Games, free app – PE Games is the premier app for PE Teachers on the app store, containing over 100 games in a variety of categories.
  • iMuscle 2, $4.99 – iMuscle 2 is a highly visual, 3D-based, award-winning health and fitness app that has everything you need to plan and track your fitness program. iMuscle 2 provides users with the ability to zoom into an area on our 3D human body and tap on a muscle to reveal exercises and stretches targeted to the development and/or rehabilitation of that specific muscle. The app also features our unique animations which provide direction on how to properly perform each exercise. In addition to individual users, iMuscle 2 was designed with multiple users in mind, making it ideal for fitness instructors and physiotherapists to use with their clients.
  • iYoga, $1.99 – iYoga’s amazing motion capture technology captures the delicate movements, correct posture and positioning for over 190 different poses. (Over 80 poses included within this app and a further 114 advanced poses available as an in-app purchase.) You to see muscles in action as each pose is demonstrated. The app also features a distinctive view which highlights muscles relevant to each pose as they contract and expand.
  • 200 Stability Ball Challenge, $1.99 – Are you ready for a full body workout challenge using a stability ball? Training with just an exercise ball you will look, feel and perform better in a fun and inspired way! Watch the videos to learn the exercises, take the challenge and record your time on the Hall of Fame. Have fun using the latest cutting edge exercises.
  • Fitness Meter, free app – If you’re looking to get in better physical shape or lose weight, the unique new software technology in Fitness Meter, based on the latest research, helps you easily and quickly understand exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. The secret to getting in better shape is to assess your current physical condition accurately; and then make sure you get the right nutrition, and do enough exercise, to make progress.


Calming Apps

The iPad can be a useful tool to calm children and people with autism. Here are apps that can be used to help engage, distract or otherwise calm someone before a meltdown happens.

  • Pop Flux, free app – Pop Flux is a motion-sensing augmented reality game that puts you on the screen and in the action. Using cutting-edge computer vision techniques, Pop Flux utilizes the front camera on your iPhone or iPad to detect your position and motion precisely and smoothly.
  • Sensory Just Touch, free app – Sensory Just Touch is a fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors – Just Touch. Experience incredible visual, kaleidoscopic, entrancing patterns that respond – Just Touch. Fly through colorful tunnels and galaxy pathways that open in front of you – Just Touch.
  • Sega Go Dance, free app – Go Dance is a unique and exciting dance app. Simply stand your device on a table, desk, etc. and enjoy getting funky! Just move to the music and strike a pose using the iPad’s camera.


Attendance and Team Organization

For a gym or classroom, the apps below will help you get organized.

  • Attendance 2, $4.99 – Attendance is a universal iPhone/Touch/iPad app that allows you to take and keep attendance records. Its main intended use is for teachers to keep track of records for their classes, but it can also be used for meetings and group gatherings.
  • Round Robin, $0.99 – Generate Round Robin Tournament Schedules based on the number of teams/players. Wins, losses, and draws can be recorded. The resulting schedule and results can be emailed. Tournaments are automatically saved and can be deleted with a swipe.
  • Team Shake, $0.99 – Team Shake provides a technological and environmentally friendly way to choose teams for board games, sporting events, tournaments, school projects or anytime groups are required. Instead of a hat and scraps of paper, the user enters his friends’ names in his iPhone and gives it a shake. The screen will then display a random set of color-coded teams. The newest release brings many new features, including balancing teams based on skill or gender.


Timers and Scoreboards

These iPad tools will help you organize your play time with your group or class. These cover everything you need from beginning to end – from choosing an activity to timing and scoring

  • Timer tools, $2.99 – You get a suite of powerful timers that are super easy to use. Timers include: Countdown, Stop Watch, Turn Timer, Seconds Up, Seconds Down, and Interval Timer. Access and set any timer with just a few clicks. All the most frequent times teachers use are available as presets. Timer display size is maximized to see from a distance. More attractive and teacher-friendly than any other timer apps available.
  • Super Multi Stopwatch, free app – Multiple Timing Stopwatch allows you to manage an unlimited number of competitors. Switch transparently from multiple to single timing stopwatch. Best Lap, Lap, Pause and Resume feature. Easily export or share your times via email.
  • Tabata Pro, $2.99 – Tabata Pro is a full featured, easy to use Tabata timer for weight training, kettle bells, running, cycling, or any interval fitness training. Set up the Workout DJ to automatically play every time you start your session.
  • Giant Scoreboard, free app – A generic scoreboard, featuring a timer that counts down and giant digits, visible from 50ft away. Team names are customizable.


Fun Ways to Choose Your Own Adventure

Need help choosing? From deciding on an activity to your coin toss to see which team goes first, these apps will help make your decisions for you.

  • Make Dice, $2.99 or Lite version for free – You can make dice anywhere anytime on the iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. Where should we go? Who should it be? What do we eat? We all come across a situation where decisions are hard to make. How about having a dice make the decision for you?
  • Decide Now!, $2.99 – Sometimes in our life there seems to be no choice or … just so many of them, that it’s hard to decide. Decide Now! will help you to quickly choose your next step in different situations and give you entertaining ideas on different occasions. Decide Now! is an app, that allows you to choose among your OWN creative ideas too! Can’t decide? Do it in a fun way with Decide Now!
  • Spin It, $0.99 – Spin It is a random exercise & activity generator that brings the fun back to your activities. Use the app to create your own ‘spinners’ in minutes, allowing you to randomize the results for serendipitous fun. Add your own images to the spinner to uniquely identify them amongst their groups. One tap and your ready for a ton of randomized fun.
  • Coin Toss Free, free app – Wanna flip a coin for a hard decision? This app let you select your favorite coins to try your luck.



  • iTunes Radio, free on Apple devices – iTunes Radio is free streaming radio with the best selection of music. It builds and brings together stations you’ll love.
  • FIT Radio Workout Music, free app – Pumping nonstop and original mixes of Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock, House, Indie, Dub Step (and more), FIT Radio is a must for the gym, for the car, and for the party!
  • Music Workout, $3.99 ($1.99 for a limited time) – Dieting and working out is already hard enough! This app will provide you with high energy music playlists every single day to keep you motivated and keep your workouts going strong.


Management and Presentation Apps

These apps have been invaluable to us at Foov Fitness and they can help you, too.

  • Keynote, $9.99 – Keynote is a powerful presentation app, designed for mobile devices. It makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tapping. Keynote allowed us to create presentations for SXSW and to show videos of each Foov at the Ballpark station.
  • PDF PROvider, $6.99 – PDF PROvider is the most enhanced PDF converter, viewer, merger and manager in one pack. Create reports, research papers, material selections from different sources, offline reading packs, etc. It allows converting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote files, HTML pages, Photos, Maps and Contacts and merging all types of documents and ready PDFs into a single PDF file.
  • iBooks, free app – iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. It’s also a great place to store and organize lesson plans!


More Fun Apps

Here are more apps that we have found either useful or fun, or both!

  • Tiny Scan Pro, $4.99 – TinyScan turns your iPhone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With TinyScan, you can scan your documents at anywhere and store or email them as PDF files.
  • iTranslate, free app – iTranslate is an award winning translation tool that helps you break down language barriers. With its state of the art technology you can speak any language in a second.
  • Coach’s Eye, $4.99 – Record it. Break it down. Get better. Improve your pitcher’s fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form. Coach’s Eye makes instant feedback possible on the field or on the go.
  • Klikaklu, free app –  Klikaklu is a photo hunt game that uses your phone’s GPS, camera, and advanced image matching technology. It’s a great way to quickly create and play treasure hunts!







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