This article written by Kathleen Toner appeared on on Wednesday November 26.  Here’s the link to the original article. Dr Wendy Ross is the Director of the Center for Pediatric Development and founder of Autism Inclusion Resources. Every day Dr. Ross would diagnose children with autism.  For that moment of truth telling, she compensated

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Stadium Sue: Foov in Real Life

Thursday, 06 February 2014 by

While you’re experiencing Wrigley Field through FOOV from home or the gym, Sue’s actual workout is at the ballpark. From waking up and down ramps to walking the perimeter of the ballpark, Sue has turned Wrigley Field into her own gym. She is the real live Foov! Meet Sue.

Pretend Play With Us!

Monday, 30 December 2013 by

Pretend play is vital in an individual’s development. It’s such a fundamental way of learning to interact in the world, that most of us fail to recognize its importance. As parents of children with developmental disabilities will attest, some individuals come to this stage of learning later or need to be coaxed into it. Below

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