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FOOV is FABS! FOOV provides a well-balanced workout with four key elements:

  • (F) Flexibility
  • (A) Aerobics
  • (B) Balance
  • (S) Strength


We’ve already covered flexibility, aerobic activity and balance. Let’s wrap up by talking about the fourth element of a FABS workout: strength.

Strength is what people normally think of when they think of working out or going to the gym. When we talk about strength training, images of free weights and dumbbells come to mind.

Wall SitWe don’t focus on strength to be able to lift heavy weights. Instead, we focus on strength to be able to do what we need to do in every day life – whether it’s carrying groceries or lifting ourselves out of a chair.

Strength isn’t just about muscles or moving large weights. When we train our bodies to be strong, we’re going deeper than the muscle. We’re also strengthening bones and connective tissue. While we can certainly use weights to make a workout more challenging, we can build strength by using our own body weight.


With Foov at the Ballpark, we include body-weight strength exercises as part of our day at the ballpark. (Weights can be added, when you’re ready to make your workout more challenging.) One of the exercises we do to build lower body strength is a wall sit. As you continue using Foov at the Ballpark over time, see if you can make your wall sits last longer.





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Download Foov at the Ballpark today to improve your strength while enjoying a beautiful day at Wrigley Field.



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