Stadium Sue: Foov in Real Life

by / Thursday, 06 February 2014 / Published in Keep Moving, Stories

Sue has a job baseball fans dream of: she works at Wrigley Field!

You know by now that FOOV is a life script workout: Foov at the Ballpark takes you to a baseball game inside Wrigley Field. While you’re experiencing Wrigley Field through FOOV from home or the gym, Sue’s actual workout is at the ballpark.

From waking up and down ramps to walking the perimeter of the ballpark, Sue has turned Wrigley Field into her own gym. She is the real live Foov!

Sue Security Wrigely Field Balpark Foov Fitness Sylvie Legere Megan Finnegan Chicago Cubs ConventionSue has been working security at Wrigley Field for more than 25 years. Through her duties before and and during games, like performing her security walk-throughs, Sue finds movement in her job.

Some of the activities Sue performs while she’s at the ballpark include:

  • Walking up and down all the ramps forward, backwards and sideways
  • Walking up and down every stairwell in the ballpark
  • Swerving around the pillars in the concourse, getting in some side-to-side movement
  • Walking the entire perimeter of the park


Sue has made it her goal to sit in every seat of the park, that’s 41,000 squats. She keeps a map of the seats and crosses off the rows that she’s done. Last season, Sue crossed off the entire Section 16.


What are Sue’s goals for the 2014 baseball season?

  • Sit in every seat of Section 17 – that’s 500 squats!
  • Walk up and down the ramps every game day – that’s 89 days of walking up and down ramps!
  • Swerve around the pillars every day as part of her security check.
  • Walk/jog the perimeter of the ballpark.
  • Turn every doorknob in the park by the end of the week – that’s 40 doorknobs per week!


So, what does Sue do for exercise during the winter when Wrigley is closed? We ran into Sue at the Cubs Convention in January. There, Sue walked up every escalator, instead of taking the opportunity to rest. As she walked around the venue, she carried a bag with water bottles so she could stay hydrated.

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Even when Wrigley is closed for the season, Sue is motivated to move. You should be, too. And, with Foov at the Ballpark, your ballpark is never closed for the season!

If you haven’t already, visit the iTunes store and download Foov at the Ballpark today.