Pretend Play With Us!

by / Monday, 30 December 2013 / Published in Keep Moving, Reasons to move

Pretend play is vital in an individual’s development. It’s such a fundamental way of learning to interact in the world, that most of us fail to recognize its importance. As parents of children with developmental disabilities will attest, some individuals come to this stage of learning later or need to be coaxed into it.

Below are just some of the ways pretend play helps us in development:

  • Increases problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Allows us to practice language skills.
  • Boosts social and emotional skills.
  • Helps us develop empathy.


Lizzie SnapshotThose born with developmental disabilities may need to be encouraged to pretend play. This is one of the reasons Foov at the Ballpark is an amazing tool. In creating Foov, we combined pretend play with movement, offering a way to connect, engage and experience all while keeping moving.

Foov offers movement in a fun context, by way of pretend play. Even parents with children (of all ages) who are resistant to new things report back to us that they’ve had success with Foov. We think you should give Foov a try.


For more about the importance of pretend play, check out the following links:



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