It’s Taco Tuesday

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Exercising is one component of a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy is the other one, so we decided to share ideas that we use or heard of for eating right.

The key is planning. Without planning, life is chaos, we all turn to prepared food or take out to feed ourselves and our family.

To find recipes we stick to one cookbook for the week.

This week’s my book was Martha Stewart’s Great Food Fast. There are also some family favorites that provide great meal planning such as the Six O’Clock Scramble, or Québec’s food darling Ricardo who features delicious weekly menus including lunch ideas.

So here are our favorite 5 Foov tips:

1. Plan your meals with simple daily guidelines that provide easy answers to the question “what are we eating?  or can we have pasta? – Today is Wednesday and we have fish on Wednesdays”:

  • No meat Monday – egg dish, asian dish
  • Taco  Tuesday – when we are tired of tacos we prepare a stew type dish.
  • Fish on Wednesday
  • Thursday is for Pasta
  • Friday – “Touski buffet” french for Tout-ce-qui-reste aka a leftover buffet
  • Saturday – Specialty Sandwich
  • Sunday – Big piece – a roast, a chicken, a filet, a stew which can be used for lunches.

2. Freeze leftovers for the next meal. Freeze rice, crepes, black beans, roasted squash.

3. Buy fruits and vegetables for the week (count 2 fruits and 3 veggies per day per person). One portion is the size of the palm of your hand.

4. Prep all fruits and veggies – have them clean, cut, and ready to go in containers.

5. Snack only on vegetables or fruits – in our school district only fresh fruits and veggies are allowed in the classroom due to allergies.

What are your tricks to manage the meal chaos?

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