Implementation of a Health Program

So, your organization has received the training and the know how to become an organization that breathes and lives a healthier lifestyle for its members and its team. Everyone is on the same page, but now you need to actually implement the plan. Hard to find the time and organization to make it happen?

Sylvie Légère and Meg Finnegan, Foov co-founders, combine project management and fitness expertise to help implement a fitness program and transform your organization into a health-focused organization.

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Our implementation program includes 7 steps:


Goal Setting

We help your organization identify health and fitness goals for your clients and staff based on Health Insurance requirements, or on already selected programs, suchs as Health Matters.


State of the Gym – Gap Analysis

We create an equipment and space inventory (what works, what doesn’t), help your team organize the equipment and develop if necessary a budget and purchasing plan. The priority is to get the most of the equipment and infrastructure that your organization already has.


Exercise Everywhere Plan

We help you find movements in daily activities of the center, e.g. using stability balls, standing more, walking more.


Making Every Bite Count

We make recommendations for mindful eating habits: e.g. reorganizing vending machines to encourage healthier choices; providing healthy rewards and celebrations; increasing water intake, providing appropriate kitchen utensils for healthy eating.


Getting it Done - Finding and Scheduling Time

Together, we will design a “Just Move” program and suggest movements that can be done by all throughout the day. We will also work with your team to develop a Clubfit program for members. And finally, we will develop a Reward Program based on what motivates people in your organization.


Club Fit - 4 to 6 weeks of workouts

Including Tracking Tools, Daily Just Moves and Daily club fit programing, which may include Foov, Circuits, Relay and other activities such as yoga or a team sport.


Staff Training & Feedback

Our approach is ‘model’, ‘scaffold’, ‘do’. Your staff will own the program and know how to run it. Questions will come up and we will help respond to them and adjust the program accordingly, so your team can run with it.