How to Foov

How to Use Foov at the Ballpark

Foov is a fun, dynamic new app that draws on the popularity of the iPad to encourage people with cognitive disabilities (Down syndrom, Fragile x, Autism, mental illnesses) to move and be engaged in a life-script, in this case, going to Wrigley Field. This video provides a good overview of the Foov experience.

This app can be used in stations, in peer-to-peer training sessions, and even in a group setting with only ONE iPad being passed and shared among the participants.

See a detailed breakdown of the Foov at the Ballpark workout below.

Getting Started

To workout with Foov, first you need to define your space inside or outside:

  • Walking to the ball park (that’s your warmup): will you use a treadmill, stationary bike, or walk outside (or inside)
  • Find a clear wall where you will be taking your seats
  • A path to walk up the ramp to your seats and to run on contact
  • Clear a space to set up the bases that make up a diamond, you will be running some homeruns
  • Have some cones or weight or something to mark the bases

Have some water ready, good running shoes, comfortable clothes.

Before you start you can set the parameters of the workout:

  • How many minutes you will walk to the game?
  • If you have a large space or working with a group set the number of steps to walk up the ramp and side steps to your seats
  • Number of snacks: snacks will be based by twisting when you are in a wall sit, so how long can you maintain a wallsit? Start with 4 snacks. If you are in a group pick a number of snacks equal to the number of participants.
  • The waves: you will be getting out of the wallsit to lift your arms up in the air, so 2 waves is good start, work up to 5.

1. Journey to the Game – Warm up

Journey to the game is a light cardio warmup that can be done walking, biking inside or outside. Increase the intensity by walking uphill and faster. The images will change as you are approaching the ballpark.

It is also the time to start imagining that we are at a baseball game, and the best way to do that is to ask some questions (notice some are displayed at the bottom of the app screen)

  • What is the weather like to today for the game?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Who are we going with?
  • Have you been to a baseball game?
  • Have you played baseball? Does someone in your family play baseball?
  • What is your favorite part of baseball?
  • You don’t like baseball? Really. Well this game may change your mind.
Ready for more?

Walk uphill on the treadmill, or increase the resistance on a stationary bike.

If you are outside walk faster, lift your legs to make monster steps.

Walk around your space or outside and pass the iPad around. It engages everyone as the images are slowly changing and keeps the group together.

Everyone can be sharing baseball experiences.

2. Up the ramp to your seats – Lunges

You made it to Wrigley, got your tickets and now you need to walk up the ramp to get to your section. Lunges are a terrific exercise to strengthen the thigh, butt, and hip muscles. Lunges also increase your heart rate. Here make some lunges/big steps to get to your section. Notice how the step counter changes as you move forward. Make sure you stop between each step.

While making lunges, look up to add some balance, and stop between each step. Notice how the images are changing. Go into a deeper lunge, add weight to the Ipad and extend your arms to hold the iPad.

In a group walk up the ramp together, making lunges and passing the iPad around so everyone can see how we are getting closer to our section.

3. Side Step to Your Seat – Lateral Moves

Now that you have reached your section, you need to take side steps along a wall until you reach your seat and take a wall sit.

Taking side steps to your seat incorporates some balance, coordination and lateral movement into the workout.

Holding out the iPad with straight arms while you side step or complete a squat with each side step, or even hold a static squat while you are side stepping. Using a weight with the iPad also increases the difficulty.

In a group, have everyone side step together and again pass the iPad down the line.

4. Take your seat – Wall Sit

Now it is time to take your seat. Lean your back against a clear wall, move your feet in front of you about 1 foot, and slide down so your knees are in a 90 degree angle, move the iPad to your knees. Wall sit is a leg strengthening exercise.

Wall sit is a leg strengthening exercise. It can be made more difficult by holding the iPad out in front of you with straight arms.

Everyone is against the wall in a wall sit. One person is holding the iPad.

5. Pass Snack – Twists in Wallsit

Passing the snacks combines a wall sit with a twisting core movement. Twist quickly, and stop – the snack will change, if you are in a group pass the iPad to the person next to you.

The movement can be made more difficult by extending your arms and adding weight to the iPad.

Pass the iPad down to each one in the group, and the image of the snack will change. Pass it back and forth among the group.

6. The Wave – Slide Up and Raise Hands Above Your Head

Wait for the cue and stand up with your back against the wall and lift the iPad above your head. The wave combines the static wall sit with an assisted squat (wall assists you). It also includes a full range of movement by extending your arms overhead. The entire movement strengthens your legs and your shoulders.

To make it more challenging keep your arms extended and weight the iPad.

In a group, let different people hold the iPad, have everyone yell 'Woooo' when sliding up. It is fun!

7. Placing the Bases – Squats

The grounds crew is preparing the field, and you are invited to help them out. You need to place the bases.

Hit the green arrow, walk to first base you will see an arrow moving, and squat down to place the base, use your finger to wipe quickly the base. Repeat for all bases. Remember to leave a cone or a weight to mark the base.

Add weights to the iPad to make it more challenging.

In a group exchange who holds the iPad to place the bases. Have the others mimic racking and hosing down the field.

8. You're Safe – Cardio

Get ready to run out, so find your running path, tap the base, wait for the crack of the bat, run out and back to tap the base. Your are safe! It is a lot of fun, a great cardio because everyone’s reaction is to run fast. Someone did it 35 times? How many can you do?

Safe at first is a cardio component to the workout. Waiting for the crack of the bat works on the individual’s reaction time and ability to follow direction. It is also really fun. Repeating it 15-20 times gets the heart rate up to a moderate or even intense level. Encourage the participant to complete it as fast as possible.

Watch the timer and try to beat your time, or try to do more reps than last time. You can also run with a weighted vest or some weights in your hands.

This is a lot of fun in a group because people run at their own pace and take turns tapping the base. As a group celebrate the number of repetitions completed.

9. Batting Practice – Balance and Cardio

Batting practice gives everyone the chance to experience running the bases, and celebrate. To start, the buddy is the pitcher and holds the iPad facing the star who is at bat. The Star should take a batting stance at homeplate.

The pitcher taps the iPad to “throw the ball” and when the person at bat sees the bat, they start running the bases and celebrate. There is nothing like hitting a homerun. Encourage others to do 10 or 15 homeruns.

Assign an exercise to each base. For example, do 10 jumping jacks at first base, 10 push ups at second base, 20 mountain climbers at third base, and 10 squat jumps on home plate.

In a group, switch between pitcher and batter, each person goes to bat, then becomes a pitcher, then rests until it is their turn again. Have the group complete as many homeruns as possible. Stations can also be set up at each base to make it more challenging for some. At the end celebrate with a big group cheer and do a pushup or sit up for every homerun hit.

10. The End – Go back to Wallsit to decide what do to again

At the end, return to the 'all' and click on MENU to decide what activity to repeat. Make sure to share how you use Foov at the Ballpark on Facebook.

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