Foov is designed to engage people with intellectual disabilities in a fun workout.

Foov is a tool for people with intellectual disabilities to connect with everyone. Think about it: Most people have a connection to baseball – they have played it, watched it and been moved by it. Baseball has inspired many fond memories that have crossed generations. Foov at the Ballpark is designed for a specific population, yet it can be fun and productive for everyone. It is very simple to use and provides an engaging framework around which any level of workout can be built. It can be used by two people (a star and a buddy), or in a group, or at school.

People with Down syndrome, Autism, Rett syndrome and Fragile X have tried the app and moved to a level of intensity that they rarely experience. They were having fun, experiencing and being active at a virtual baseball game.

How to Use Foov at the Ballpark

Fun. Move. Live. FOOV

Foov is a fun, dynamic new app that draws on the popularity of the iPad to encourage people with cognitive disabilities (Autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X, mental illnesses) to move and be engaged in a life-script, in this case going to Wrigley Field. This video provides a good overview of the Foov experience. The app currently available in the app store is prototype. We are working on a new version with improved features for groups.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the Foov at the Ballpark workout.