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iPad Settings MultitaskingThere are a lot of options under iPad Settings that most of us don’t use and are unaware of. To make your experience with Foov at the Ballpark more enjoyable, we’d like you to teach you how to enable one setting in particular.

The Guided Access setting keeps your iPad in a single app, in our case, Foov at the Ballpark. This way, when you have multiple, sweaty or tiny hands touching the screen, you don’t have to worry that the app will be closed accidentally. (All of our hands slip from time to time. Our Foov at the Ballpark audience is no different. You don’t want to let unsteady – or even mischievous – hands disrupt your workout.)


We’ll guide you through the steps to enable the Guided Access setting:

Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility


iPad Settings General


Once in Accessibility, scroll down the page to the Learning category where you will find Guided Access. Turn on Guided Access. While here, also set a passcode (one that is easy to remember, like 1-2-3-4) and turn on the Accessibility Shortcut.


iPad Settings General Acessibility Learning Guided Access Enable



After Guided Access is enabled, go to the Foov at the Ballpark app. Once inside the app, triple-click the Home button.  This will start Guided Access. Hit Start in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to begin your game day experience. With Guided Access enabled, you won’t have to worry about interruptions to your Foov experience.

Once you’ve turned on the Guided Access from inside of an app, like Foov at the Ballpark, your iPad is essentially locked on that app. The Guided Access setting is only enabled after triple-clicking inside of an app and pressing Start.


When you’re ready to wrap up your day at the ballpark, triple-click the Home button. Click the Exit button on the top left-hand corner of your screen. You will be prompted to enter the 4-digit passcode you created so that you can exit the app. This extra security step means that no one can accidentally press the Home button (even “accidentally” press it three times) to exit Foov at the Ballpark while you’re using it in Guided Access mode.


With the Guided Access setting enabled, you can pass the iPad to your partner or in your class without worrying about your game day experience being interrupted.


Remember, while you’re in Settings >> General, make sure to TURN OFF Multitasking Gestures for your game day experience. Multitasking Gestures are the ones that make your iPad experience amazing when working on other tasks (like being able to swipe the screen to move through various apps you have open), but they will be disruptive to your Foov at the Ballpark experience.


iPad Settings Multitasking Gesture enable General Settings



Remember to adjust these setting before you use Foov to ensure an uninterrupted game day and workout. For more tips on maximizing your Foov experience, see Before Using Foov. Now you’re ready to head for a game at Wrigley Field. Let’s play ball!



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