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So, you’re ready to jump into “the game” – your Foov at the Ballpark or another workout – and, like most of us, you probably only have limited time. Should you skip your warm-up and just get started?

No, say the experts.


Walking Running Exercise Warmup Warm Up Warming UpWarming up is an essential part of your work out. There are several reasons – both physiologically and psychologically – to make sure you get in your warm-up.

First of all, you really do warm up. Your core body temperature rises and, with it, the temperature of your connective tissues – muscles, ligaments and tendons – and your blood.

Why does a warm body matter?



Warming up of your muscles and other connective tissues readies them for the stress of a workout. This improves your range of motion (You’ll be able to squat even deeper when you get to your seat in the ballpark!) and reduces risk of injury.

Warming up your blood changes its composition, so that it becomes more readily available to the muscles you will use during your workout.

Also, by warming up the body, you begin activating your body’s cooling mechanism, namely sweating, so that you can better prevent overheating during your workout.

There are hormonal changes that take place, too. As you warm up, your body prepares itself for the energy demands of exercise.

One last benefit to warming up, is that you mentally prepare yourself for what’s ahead. When we discuss how to approach your journey to the ballpark with Foov at the Ballpark, we remind you that Foov is a life script workout. As such, we suggest that you prepare for the experience of going to a baseball game and get ready to have a conversation about baseball. We ask that you pretend you are really going to a game at Wrigley Field.


Wrigleyville townhomesWith Foov at the Ballpark, you prepare your body and your mind by walking to the ballpark. That walk is your physical warm-up, but it is also the time for your to mentally prepare yourself for the experience of going to a game. “Isn’t this a beautiful day for a baseball game?” you might ask. Or, perhaps you’ll have a conversation about the teams who will be playing in today’s game.

If you’re a die-hard baseball fan, maybe you can talk about the players or their stats. If you’re only going to the game for exercise, maybe you’d like to check out the townhouses you pass on your walk. (What colors are their doors? How many houses are there on a block?) If you’re a recovering couch potato, perhaps you’d like to start thinking about the concessions you’ll enjoy at the game.

This is also a time to start thinking about what physical demands going to the ballpark require – like “lunging” up the ramp to your seats, “squatting” to get in your seat and “twisting” to pass concessions. What fun! If you’re participating in another exercise today, you can begin anticipating that. How many lunges will I be able to do today? Will I break my wall sit record today? (Boy, Foov sure sounds like more fun than a plain old workout!)


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Don’t forget your warm-up!






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