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FOOV is FABS! FOOV provides a well-balanced workout with four key elements:

  • (F) Flexibility
  • (A) Aerobics
  • (B) Balance
  • (S) Strength


Foov at Ballpark Fitness Wrigley Field Meg Finnegan Sonja sqaut deep squatWhy are these elements important? Let’s start with flexibility.

The dictionary defines flexibility as “Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage.” Being flexible allows us to move as we’re meant to move, whereas inflexibility limits us.

Some of us are born with natural flexibility, able to touch our toes or do yoga poses without even trying. Others of us have to stretch every day and may never quite seem to get “bendy” enough.

As we age, our flexibility decreases. Ever notice how some older adults take smaller steps or even “shuffle?” It’s because they lose flexibility – and range of motion – at their hips. In fact, it’s lack of flexibility (more than lack of balance or strength) that is believed to be the reason older adults are more likely to fall/

The good news – whether you’re naturally flexible or not, whether you’re young or old – is that we can all work to improve our flexibility.


As part of a FABS workout, Foov at the Ballpark incorporates flexibility into a fun day at a game. While you’re at the ballpark, you will perform exercises like placing the bases, which is essentially a low squat, and passing concessions, which involves twisting at the waist.

These flexibility movements are built into the life script workout, making them much more inviting than just doing squats or twists at the gym. But, adding these movements into your weekly routine will help your flexibility. From week to week, really focus on squatting closer to the ground and twisting farther toward your neighbor, and every week, your flexibility will improve.






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Download Foov at the Ballpark today and get more “bendy” with us while enjoying a beautiful day at Wrigley Field.






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