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Welcome to Foov at the Ballpark!


Movement is the goal of the app! With that in mind, we don’t want to bog you down with lots of rules to read through. However, we thought it would be helpful to help get you in the right state of mind. Before you start moving with Foov, get your mind ready:

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  1. Get ready for a paradigm shift! It’s time to get moving and you’re going to use an app to do it!
  2. The iPad is part of your workout. It reacts to your movements. The iPad will drive you through the story.
  3. This is a life script workout. Foov at the Ballpark takes you to a baseball game inside Wrigley Field. Prepare for the experience of going to a baseball game and get ready to have a conversation about baseball and pretend that you are at the game. “Let’s go up the ramp to get to our seats”, isn’t that more engaging and real than  “Let’s do 10 lunges.”
  4. Believe! People of all abilities have already used the app and have successfully enjoyed it, over and over. It provides a framework to move, but also to connect with all people – kids, adults who are new to working out, the elderly, and people with cognitive disabilities who may be more challenging to engage in a more traditional workout routine.


iPad Settings MultitaskingTo make the most of your Foov at the Ballpark experience, we suggest the following:

  1. Watch the video: How To Use Foov at the Ballpark.
  2. Download the app from the iTunes Store.
  3. Go to your iPad Settings >> General: Switch Multitasking Gesture to Off
  4. Enable the Guided Access setting.
  5. Open Foov at the Ballpark on your iPad. Click on the Get Ready to learn how to set up your space and to go over some of the tips.
  6. Click on Settings (this is available under Get Ready, but is also available throughout your “game day experience” in the app) to choose appropriate level of difficulty for each activity. A good starting point/minimum for each exercise is as follows:
  • Journey to the Park – 3 minutes
  • Up the ramp – 10
  • Side Steps – 3
  • Pass Snacks – 3
  • The Wave – 2


  1. Full Audio Instructions (in Settings) will give you complete audio support. As you become familiar with the app, or when you’re guiding someone through the app, you may wish to change to Partial Audio Instructions.
  2. Before you assist someone else, try it your self. Hit Start and let the app guide you.
  3. Read the Tips before each activity, until you become familiar with the app.
  4. Note the icons on the upper left corner
  5. Movement is key. Repeat each component of the workout as much as possible. Watch how you progress from week to week!
  6. Once you have become familiar with the app, visit our website to go through each step and to discover ways to modify each exercise to  increase the difficulty.

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Are you ready to Foov? Download the app from iTunes today.



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