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FOOV is FABS! FOOV provides a well-balanced workout with four key elements:

  • (F) Flexibility
  • (A) Aerobics
  • (B) Balance
  • (S) Strength


We’ve already talked about the importance flexibility and aerobic activity. Today, let’s talk about balance.


toddler stepsDo you remember the day your training wheels came off your bike? After a lot of practice, you were finally able to balance on two wheels.

How about the day you took your first steps? Well, you may not remember that particular day, but you’ve probably seen video of a toddler learning to walk. In fact, the term “toddler” comes from the way children are so unsteady when they’re just beginning to walk. Over time, and with practice, we become steadier.

The reason we’re able to ride a bike without training wheels or to walk steadily is because we’ve developed not only the large muscles in our body that we use for movement, but because we also have trained the smaller muscles in our body that are used for stabilization.

We use those smaller muscles every day without even knowing about it. They’re used to maintain our posture and for coordination.

Most people take balance for granted, but it’s something that we can teach the body. It’s also something we can work to maintain, even as we age. It’s something we should work to maintain, especially as we age.

We can teach the body to engage small muscles that we can’t even see and we work to increase reaction time. Foov at the Ballpark incorporates balance into a fun, engaging life-script workout. Whether you’re doing lunges or swinging a bat, you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re training your body for better coordination.




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Download Foov at the Ballpark today. Improve your balance, while enjoying a beautiful day at Wrigley Field.



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