Foov at the Ballpark

Foov at the Ballpark currently available in the app store is our test release. It is a uniquely engaging workout designed to encourage people with intellectual disabilities to have fun, move and connect with others. For adults and kids. Terrific for individuals and their families as well as peer mentoring programs. Our next release due in 2015 will work well for groups especially for peer-to-peer coaching — one iPad can be shared by a group. Join our mailing list to find out more.


Protect Your iPad

The lifeproof case is an effective way to protect your iPad when exercising with Foov at the Ballpark or just playing outside. We highly recommend it.

Available at

Heart Rate Monitor

Tracking your heart rate while exercising gives you a good indication of your exertion level - which is important to ensure an effective workout. Too little or too much exertion can undermine your efforts.

Available on Amazon.


  1. National Center for Physical Activity and Disability Tools and information about fitness maintained and developed by UIC.
  2. Autism Inclusion Resources Extending clinical skills and therapies to real life settings.