Aerobic Fitness

by / Friday, 21 March 2014 / Published in Keep Moving, Reasons to move

FOOV is FABS! FOOV provides a well-balanced workout with four key elements:

  • (F) Flexibility
  • (A) Aerobics
  • (B) Balance
  • (S) Strength


We’ve already talked about flexibility. Now, let’s discuss the importance of aerobic activity.


Walking Running Exercise Warmup Warm Up Warming UpAerobic fitness is important to maintaining a healthy heart and a healthy body. Inside our muscles, aerobic training increases the density of capillaries and mitochondria, allowing more blood flow to muscles. Aerobic training also increases the strength of ligaments and tendons.

Increasing our aerobic fitness gives us rewards we can see, too. When you get your annual physical, your blood pressure and your resting heart rate measurements should both be lower. Because aerobic exercise increases metabolism, it can also help reduce body fat, making aerobic exercise a favorite for people who are trying to lose weight.

Given all the the benefits for the heart and body, even people not trying to lose weight should incorporate aerobic exercise into their fitness routines and their lifestyles.


As part of a FABS workout, Foov at the Ballpark incorporates aerobic exercise into a fun day at a game. You’ll know you’re doing an aerobic activity when you find yourself getting out of breath. With Foov at the Ballpark, this can happen before the baseball game even starts! Your warm-up of walking to the ballpark is aerobic exercise. While you’re at the ballpark, you will work on improving your aerobic fitness when you run the bases in the Safe at First segment. You can also get your heart rate up lunging up the ramp to get to your seats at the ballgame.

Aerobic exercises are built into the life script workout, making them much more inviting than just jogging on a treadmill or doing lunges at the gym. It’s much more fun when your cardio efforts take you Wrigley Field, to your seats at the ballpark or to home plate!

As your cardio fitness improves, you’ll notice that a workout that would have you out of breath becomes easy. You’ll want to increase the distance you travel – your warm-up time, how many lunges you take to your seat or how far the bases are apart – to challenge yourself and to make further gains to your aerobic fitness.





Have you seen your aerobic fitness improve from using Foov at the Ballpark? Are you able to run farther than you were when you first started using the app? Have you seen a decrease in your resting heart rate or your blood pressure? Have you lost body fat? If Foov at the Ballpark has helped you, let us know about it. We’d love to hear from you!


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Download Foov at the Ballpark today. Get in your cardio workout with us while enjoying a beautiful day at Wrigley Field.