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The Challenge:

We know that maintaining 150 minutes of physical activity a week reduces risks of chronic illnesses, stress level, and leads to healthier, happier lives for everyone including those with intellectual and cognitive disabilities.

The challenge isn’t a lack of awareness; it's inspiring and empowering people to move.

The Foov Approach:

Our mission is to leverage tablet technology to empower people with cognitive disabilities to lead an exercise session to, not only, get the benefits of exercising, but also to feel connected, successful and confident. Qualities leading to an independent and happy life.

The Foov solution is a simple experience-based workout using tablet technology to get people to connect to move, have fun, and feel healthy designed by experts in e-learning, fitness, special needs, and technology.


Our first product, Foov at the Ballpark, supports a leader to connect with a small group, fostering strength, flexibility, stamina, and laughter, as they “experience” a game of baseball at Wrigley Field through the app. You can help us by becoming a Foov leader and inspire those around you to move.

Join Us!

Joining the Foov Fitness Project means becoming a Foov leader who wants to get others—especially people with diverse abilities—to move more, putting them on the path of exercising regularly.

By joining the Foov Fitness Project, you will help us develop a product that improves the quality of life for people with diverse abilities through exercise, engagement and empowerment to lead.

Discover the possibilities; Join the Foov Community.

Join us if you are:

  • Eager to lead your peers through a physical activity;
  • Hoping to connect with a loved one with intellectual or cognitive disabilities;
  • A caregiver and therapist seeking an interactive and real-life experience with your clients;
  • Involved in middle and high school peer mentoring programs.

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